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Todd Rampe is the founder of the Wealth Builders Institute in Las Vegas, NV. He trades his own account using the method he teaches both new and experienced traders. His proprietary software, Triple Sync Logic, helps identify market reversals, which can be a strategic time to enter a trade.

Becoming proficient in trading requires a methodical approach. The Triple Sync Logic software and formula provide clear rules for engagement, exit strategies, and money management. This system aims to simplify trading by providing clear indicators. However, individual results may vary and trading involves risks.

Our program focuses on trading stock options by trying to identify market reversals, a technique not commonly mastered. This method aims to help traders understand market movements, though trading carries inherent risks and requires confidence and practice.

Many students start with around $5,000, but it is possible to begin with $3,000. Todd advises starting with small positions. Trading involves risks, and it is essential to invest only what you can afford to lose.

Results cannot be guaranteed. Trading involves risk, and returns vary based on market conditions and individual performance. The program provides strategies to manage risk, but there are no assurances of profit.

Trading might not be suitable for everyone due to its risks. The program is designed to help build confidence and reduce emotional trading. However, it is essential to understand and be comfortable with the risks involved.

This program may not be suitable for those who cannot be in front of their computer during market hours. Success in trading often requires dedication and time to learn and apply the strategies taught.

Our program is designed to teach beginners, but trading carries risks. Past performance is not indicative of future results, and individual success varies.

All active-duty U.S. military personnel, U.S. military veterans and first responders will receive commission-free trading for stocks, ETFs and options, reduced-fee commissions for futures, a waiver of all inactivity fees, free premium trading tools and free non-professional real-time data, for eligible participants, with this platform.

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