"This week, I followed the rules and I made $1000 yesterday and $2300 today. "

Ok, I lost $5000 last week because I was stupid and did not follow the rules. This week, I followed the rules and I made $1000 yesterday and $2300 today. All from Apple stock.

Thank you, Todd. Trade like a robot. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Living God! I have it all recorded, and it can be proven!

Mark Cabigan
Las Vegas, NV

"Today, at 11:11 am, I closed my position with a $610.00 profit."

I am so excited, I have to tell you because you are one of the few who could understand. Today, at 11:11 am, I closed my position with a $610.00 profit. A $610.00 profit is 5.56% of my account.
A 5% increase in my account will double in 16 trading days and the math works for $10K, $50K, $100K, etc. I am up $1,184.00 for the week, so far and should finish up $3,000.00.

Jim Molloy
Boston, MA

"If you do what they teach, exactly as they teach it, you will never regret it."

The question, “Can anyone attest to this?” appeared on a social media site about using Triple Sync Logic. I can. I’m 2 weeks out of the class and making good trades and executing good money management consistently for the FIRST TIME in 20 years.

James Ammons
Reno, NV

"Made $1,200.00 in 1 min today."

Hello Wealth Builders Institute, Wanted to thank you guys.

The conversation with Robert in the coaching session paid off. Made $1,200.00 in 1 min today.

Probably would have made more but I placed a Sell TRL stop.

Guys, thank you, again!


"This is definitely an amazing and simple system..."

After the class last week, Robert emphasized some points and showed live examples of those points that opened my eyes…

This is definitely an amazing and simple system, and the hardest part about it is my own brain and bad habits!

Thanks Todd & Robert!!

Brad Sudz
Milford, Michigan

"First real trade and up 42%!."

My entire purpose for signing up with WBI was the simplicity of the daily strategy. First real trade and up 42%! Albeit the last 20% was lucky dumb - it wasn’t luck I was in a very good trade though!

Three days of instruction, detailed notes, and follow the plan equals real money winners… which is the whole purpose!

Cody Bennett
North Dakota , ND

"This week I achieved an ROE of 45.94%"

This was my first week of live trading after doing two weeks of simulated trading. The system works - period.

I started the week with $5,135 in my Tradestation account and ending it with this morning trades at $7,494. This week I achieved an ROE of 45.94% in spite of losing $362.00 on Wednesday.

All I can say is watch the videos a few times if needed and get to learn the character of the index or stock your trading. With the indicators and following the rules it's hard to make many mistakes.

Glen Ford
Frisco, Texas

I've won 95% of my trades this week using TSL

I'm having an incredible week of trading. It's not important how much I've made; It's that I've won 95% of my trades this week using TSL... I'm having a blast! Just finished up my last trade for the day and it's 12:30. Now I'm going to take my amazing wife out for lunch. LOL!!!

Here's something TSL students need to learn and memorize... "If you're going to win... you've got to plan to win... you've got to prepare to win... and then and only then can you expect to win!"

Tell Everyone, Have a super blessed day!

Gary Satterly
Milford, Michigan

"I just thought I would share a few of my victories."

Todd, I have been practicing the OCO on the SIM and found it to be very interesting. I adjusted my profit loss down a little and each time it tripped at my profit target. I know you did not go over the OCO, but I find it very neat to use. My stop loss is in place and I merely tweeked my profit loss. So, after some practice, I used OCO live on AAPL and re-set my profit target at .71, with 10 contracts, and it tripped, very cool. Earlier, I was watching the QQQ and SPY and I just felt it was too choppy and I watched AAPL and saw an opportunity and took it. Anyway, I don't know if you really read my emails, as you have many people in the program. I just thought I would share a few of my victories.

Dan Hooper

"This morning I am up $768."

My first week of real money trading was last week. I ended the week down $336. I spent the long weekend re-listening to all the training and re-reading my notes.

I discovered a few things that I was leaving out in my following your training. This morning I am up $768.

Thanks my friends. This is going to make the difference in my retirement years, since I am now 75 years old, and as I said in one your classes I have" little time and no fear". However, now I have a plan and system that works.

Thanks to you and your team.

Les H. Hughbanks
Powhatan, Virgina